1987 Magnum Bonum Mark I Vibrant Stay 22 1/2″

September 10th, 2011

1987 Magnum Bonum Mark I Vibrant Stay 22 1/2″

Color scheme is turquoise flam with gold bands.
This 22½" Vibrant Magnum Bonum was made specifically for the 1987 Hetchins Catalog. The frame has no braze-ons, as this gives a neater appearance for catalog photographs. By the time the catalogs went to press this new Magnum Bonum had been replaced by The Scorpion Bonum. This frame did not appear in the catalog at all and this design did not go into production. One of only two frames built. Campy Super Record 6-speed group, including pedals with titanium axles and Hetchins toe-straps. Cinelli leather covered bars on Cinelli Stem, gold mavic record du monde d’heure 700c sprint rims, Brooks team professional honey saddle.

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  1. Flash says:

    This bike is also featured at http://www.hetchins.org/504mbp-01.htm where its history is recounted; this was a model prototype, made for the 1987 Hetchins catalog.

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