Welcome to Hetchins Heaven, a place where you can find pictures and information about the Hetchins bikes. To see pictures please click on the “Bikes” link in the right menu. A number of new pictures have been added.

Jimmy Thomson

October 2013 – The site will remain active and the collection will be maintained by Jimmy’s sons in his memory. We hope to show the bikes in the future so other can appreciate the bikes as Jimmy did.

9 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. jimmy says:

    Are any of these bikes for sale

  2. cnighbor1 says:

    Jimmy Just waiting till you decide to sell one or more Hetchins
    Charles Nighbor

  3. Flash says:

    For those who may not know Jimmy, he hosted an annual event/ride/display for many years at his home, and has what is probably the largest collection of Hetchins anywhere in the world (private or otherwise). A number of the frames/bikes in his collection are of historical significance (for example, prototypes of new models, frames made especially for catalogs, etc.). Congratulations, Jimmy, on a fine web site! Cheers, Flash, editor@hetchins.org

  4. pjwod says:

    Jimmy’s collection is stunning, in person. His home is only 15 miles from mine.

  5. stedlocks says:

    Hi jimmy, you have a fantastic collection!
    Any chance you could provide some background information about them?
    Thanks, pat

  6. losgatos_dale says:

    Rest In Peace, Jimmy, and heavenly tailwinds!

  7. Flash says:

    Rest in peace, Jimmy. We’ll miss you.

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